Marbella castle to be restored at a cost of half a million euros

The monument marks the origin of the Costa del Sol town's development and is historically important, but has fallen into disrepair


Classified as a Building of Cultural Interest, Marbella castle is the largest monument of this type in the municipality. The town council has now decided to restore part of the structure, which is in the Old Town, at a cost of 520,645 euros.

The castle marks the origin of Marbella's development in the Middle Ages, but once it was no longer used for military purposes much of its structure fell into disrepair.

The project will involve work on the eastern and northern sides of the fortress, which have hardly been touched for years, and will take six months to complete.

The restoration works will aim to restore some of the former glory to this historically important building, including rebuilding its towers. It will also be floodlit, so its impressive beauty can also be appreciated at night.