Marbella barber to the stars and local customers José Manuel Guerrero. Josele
Marbella barber celebrates more than half a century of cutting the locks of stars and locals

Marbella barber celebrates more than half a century of cutting the locks of stars and locals

Manolo 'el Chirri', who started working when he was aged only ten, has lost count of the number of clients he has seen in his chair in the Costa del Sol town

Joaquina Dueñas

Wednesday, 12 April 2023, 18:20


José Manuel Guerrero, Manolo 'el Chirri', grew up in the hairdressing salon founded by his father in 1958. He still remembers the day when, at just ten years old, he had to start working. He did it "full of fears, but you get used to everything", he says. He soon discovered that this would be his life's vocation. Since then 56 years have passed and his scissors have shaped the hairstyles of politicians, artists and hundreds of loyal local customers. More than half a century has not taken away his enthusiasm for his work, from which he does not intend to retire "as long as his bones hold out".

Currently, the Guerrero hairdressing salon he runs is in Calle Juan Ruiz Muñoz because the premises where he has been for more than 50 years has been declared a ruin. Coincidentally, that building in Calle Enrique del Castillo was demolished on Tuesday, the same day that José Manuel was awarded a prize from the town hall for his contribution to local commerce.

Manolo remembers fondly when he started out. "Those were wonderful times. Artists of all kinds went to the hairdressers".

"I have cut the hair of lots of well-known people. I've had the pianist Arthur Rubinstein, the actor Mel Ferrer. Film artists, musicians, ambassadors, consuls...".

"From the first day they give you a lot of instructions. In the end you do what you think is best. Knowing the client, you know what suits them and that's what I do. And they are very happy," Manolo said.



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