Marbella town hall / josele

Marbella adopts protocol to ensure safety of Ukrainian children

The town hall will consider the host family or individual’s ability to meet the needs of these minors and the motivation for them taking a displaced child in


The invasion of Ukraine has provoked a flood of displaced people, including unaccompanied minors. To guarantee the safety of these children, the Andalusian regional government has put into place a protocol which Marbella town hall has adopted in order to help individuals and families to take in a Ukrainian minor with all the legal guarantees.

Town hall spokesman, Félix Romero, warned that "there are many families who, due to circumstances, have been taking in Ukrainian children and now their families have contacted them to send their children back and this cannot be done in this way". Romero added, "They must go to the Social Rights department to obtain a document by verifying a series of socio-cultural parameters.”

The town hall will issue a report that will consider the host family or individual’s ability to meet the needs of these minors, the motivations for them taking a child in and the existence of some kind of illness or physical or mental disability that may disadvantage the welfare of the child. Applicants must also have an adequate level of social integration and financial security.

Once the placement has been made, it is also the responsibility of town councils to monitor it in order to detect possible problems. Romero stressed that this is an important regulation "because these people can be especially vulnerable to being used by mafias, who can take advantage of the situation".