The Vigil de Quiñones park is often used for barbecues and other leisure activities SUR
Marbella Activa calls for greater protection of the Vigil de Quiñones park

Marbella Activa calls for greater protection of the Vigil de Quiñones park

Following the publication of a report on the history of the royal pine trees, which date back to the 1784, the association wants it to be included in Andalucía's General Catalogue of Historical Heritage

David Lerma


Tuesday, 27 September 2022


The Marbella Activa association is calling for greater protection for the town’s Vigil de Quiñones park, following the publication of a report drawn up by the historian and Doctor of Art History, Francisco Javier Moreno.

The result of his historical research into the origin of this park, is that the association is requesting its inclusion in the General Catalogue of Historical Heritage as a Site of Ethnological Interest, as laid out by the Andalusian Historical Heritage Law. According to Doctor Moreno’s report, which forms part of the justification for the application, the suburban park is part of a royal pine plantation forest, planted in 1784.

According to the association, "it is currently a park with various sports, leisure and hotel uses that leave hardly any space for the conservation of these royal pines. Numerous additions, including stone paths, fences, signage, barbecue areas, together with abandoned areas, show a confused general panorama and an inadequate image despite its historical importance.”

Actions to protect cultural heritage, according to Marbella Activa, include "not only maintaining the integrity of the object of conservation but also creating a suitable environment and promoting uses in accordance with the purpose for which it was originally created. To this end, a determined intervention is recommended, a certain degree of protection, together with a special plan in which the proper maintenance of the royal pines and the elimination of all harmful additions take precedence".

These are part of the reasons put forward in the request made by Marbella Activa, who believe that the park “fulfils all the requirements” established by the Andalusian Historical Heritage Law.

In addition, Marbella Activa has forwarded the request to the town hall’s parks and gardens department, as work will soon begin on the drafting of a municipal plan for urban trees and a possible protection of unique trees and groves. It has also been transferred to the culture department for its inclusion in future catalogues of heritage protection that could be undertaken, regardless of the protection that the Junta de Andalucía decides to give the park.


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