Some of the trees at the Vigil de Quiñones park. / SUR

Local historian highlights plight of 'choked' centennial pines

Some of the trees are estimated to be as old as 238 years, with some standing over 40 metres tall


Local historian Francisco Moreno estimates that some of the centennial pines in Marbella's Vigil de Quiñones park could be as old as 238 years old. Some exceed 40 metres in height and produce a canopy of more than 30 metres.

But he has warned that their future could be in jeopardy because of the 600,000 euro remodelling works in the area which started in January.

"They are majestic and part of our heritage," said Moreno. He accuses the town council of "choking the roots, taking away sources of nutrition and changing the water table" with some of the hard landscaping works.

"This is not just another park. It is a forest park and has different environmental conditions," added the Malaka environmental group.