Panic outside Marbella school as driver of Ferrari pulls out gun and threatens people
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Panic outside Marbella school as driver of Ferrari pulls out gun and threatens people

A large-scale police operation was launched after the man then took refuge in a nearby home, with officers in protective gear surrounding the property

Irene Quirante


Wednesday, 24 April 2024, 11:03


A man caused considerable panic outside a school in San Pedro Alcántara, near Marbella, on Monday 22 April after allegedly pulling out a gun from a Ferrari sports car.

According to sources, the elderly suspect brandished the weapon in a threatening manner to several people who were in the area, including the school caretaker, while complaining about cars that were double parked outside the school in the early afternoon.

The sight caused panic among those nearby who raised the alarm by phoning emergency services. The man did not fire the gun and no one was injured.

When Marbella Local Police arrived at the scene, the man had already taken refuge in a house located a few metres from the school, according to what eyewitnesses told officers. A joint operation involving National Police officers was launched to locate the man, which involved identifying the house he had gone to and surrounding it. Heavily-armed officers, wearing protective gear and taking cover behind riot shields were concerned because of the fact he was armed and react violently.

Officers called the doorkeeper of the building and, according to sources, the man finally agreed to talk to them, allowing them inside. Police were able to ascertain he was in possession of several weapons, but they were found to be either simulated or compressed air weapons.

The man was not arrested, although National Police officers are still investigating the incident. According to sources, the man may suffer from some kind of mental health disorder.

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