Marbella is to recruit new local police officers / josele

Marbella's Local Police force to recruit new officers

The application process will start before the end of this year for 14 new officers and will include another nine internal promotion positions


Marbella’s councillor for Human Resources, José Eduardo Díaz, announced on Monday 24 October that a recruitment process will start before of this year for 14 new local police officers and nine internal promotions. This will mean the Local Police force will have 60 police and 40 officers.

"Our aim is for the force to have the best professionals so that it can offer the best possible service to the public," said the councillor. Díaz went on to say that the calls for applications "are very complex and demanding procedures, because each one attracts more than a thousand applicants and includes physical tests, theoretical and practical exams and psycho-technical tests".

The human resources plan began in 2019 with the creation of eight internal promotion positions; in 2020, 11 officers and 8 internal promotion positions were offered, and in 2021 there were 13 new police officers.

Díaz also stressed that "Marbella has one of the best police schools in Andalucía, which guarantees excellent training and allows the officers to learn about the characteristics of the population in this area during this initial stage".