Ángeles Muñoz during the presentation of the project. / josele

Marbella to construct Y-shaped breakwater to protect one of beaches which suffers the most damage from storms

The town council is to carry out the project itself because the government refused to include the La Venus beach in its own plans due to the reported presence of a protected limpet


Marbella town council is planning to build a Y-shaped breakwater as part of its plan to stabilise La Venus beach, and will place 10,500 cubic metres of sand at the sides of the construction. There will be a 50-metre long piece perpendicular to the shore and two wings of 60 metres each, rising about 1.5 metres above the sea level.

“Bearing in mind that the variation in the tides can be between 20 and 30 centimetres it will always be visible, but not passable,” said Pablo Cabrera, the engineer who is leading the project, at the official presentation of the plans.

La Venus beach is in the town centre, between the ports of La Bajadilla and Virgen del Carmen. It does not gain sand by natural means and gradually loses some over time. It is also one of the beaches which suffers the most damage from storms.

Patella Ferruginea

La Venus beach was excluded from the Ministry of Ecological Transition plan to stabilise beaches in the region, which now only applies to the stretch of coast between La Bajadilla and Punta del Ancón. This was due to the reported presence of three Patella Ferruginea, a protected species of limpet. However, a detailed study by a specialist showed that this was not correct, but when the council applied to have the beach included the request was turned down. This is why the local authority is carrying out the project itself.

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, said at the presentation that once the project has been approved on environmental grounds the council will put the contract to tender. The cost is expected to be 1.3 million euros and the works should be completed within two years.