The state of both cars after the collision. / SUR

Hunt for drug dealer after police van is rammed in Marbella

The driver fled the scene on foot, and when National Police officers searched the vehicle found it was loaded with hashish


A new violent episode related to drug trafficking on the Costa del Sol has once again been reported. National Police officers on the coast are hunting a driver who rammed his car into one of the force’s vehicles in Marbella, before making off on foot. When officers searched the abandoned Mercedes they found it loaded with hashish, according to sources.

The incident happened on Tuesday, 16 November, after police had set up a checkpoint on the Ojén road. That's when the alleged drug dealer's car appeared, a silver-grey Mercedes that lunged directly National Police vehicle that had been parked on the road to filter the traffic.

After smashing into the police vehicle, the driver of the Mercedes made off on foot. When inspecting the abandoned vehicle, police officers discovered that it was loaded with several bags full of hashish.

The National Police have opened an investigation to identify and locate the suspect but, at the moment, there have been no arrests.

Increase in violence

The violence of drug traffickers when it comes to defending their shipments has been on the rise in recent years. And now the criminals want to escape the clutches of the police at all costs, regardless of the consequences.

Such is the situation faced by the National Police and Guardia Civil that have acquired a fleet of fortified Toyota Land Cruisers with defences designed to protect officers when they are attacked by drug traffickers.