The aftermath of the attack on the victim's home after the bombing. Guardia Civil
Hitmen jailed for 35 years after planting bombs at Marbella victim's home and business

Hitmen jailed for 35 years after planting bombs at Marbella victim's home and business

The three people convicted monitored the businessman's home for days before the explosion which killed the family's dogs

Irene Quirante


Wednesday, 26 April 2023, 17:49


Three Swedish hired hitmen who planted bombs at the home and business of a man in Marbella have been sentenced to a total of 35 years in prison.

The Superior Court of Justice in Andalucía (TSJA) heard that an unidentified gang had left a written warning message on a sign near the businessman's house with a deadline for him to pay an outstanding debt by 9 October, 2018.

According to court papers, as the deadline approached, the three accused then drew up "a meticulous plan” where two of them rented a house in Marbella and, after identifying the businessman, monitored his house and movements.

On the day of the deadline, one of the suspects went to the victim's home wearing black sportswear and with his face covered, abd left a bomb on the front doorstep while the man and his family were inside the house "assuming it likely that the explosion could end their lives”.

The individual lit the fuse and fled before it exploded. The bomb killed the family's dogs and caused severe damage to the house, although it did not reach the occupants because they were on the upper floor. It also caused damage to other nearby properties.

The accused then went to the business which the victim had on an industrial estate in Marbella, and left another bomb that caused a "violent explosion" and set fire to the building. The three then fled and torched the getaway car.

Malaga police's organised crime group was already investigating the three defendants for their alleged link to a network of mostly Swedish nationals from Malmö, one of them for his alleged involvement in the murder of two men, 'Maradona' and 'Zocato', in May and August of that year.

The court ruled three men will serve 35 years in prison and once the conviction is finalised, they will be handed over to Swedish authorities to serve their sentences there. The individuals were also banned from approaching within 500 metres of or communicating with the victim and his family for a period of ten years - as well as paying 150,000 euros in compensation.

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