Here’s how to apply for Marbella’s 2024 creative youth talent competition

Here’s how to apply for Marbella’s 2024 creative youth talent competition

This year the age range has been extended so that young people between 14 and 30 years old can apply and there are more categories including haikus and TikTok

David Lerma


Tuesday, 9 April 2024, 19:42


Registration for Marbella’s thirteenth Muestra Joven de Talentos Creativos (creative youth talent show) is now open and anyone interested in applying has until 22 May to do so.

The cultural initiative aims to encourage young people in the town to express their creativity and this year the town hall has added haikus, song lyrics and texts published on social networks to its list of suggestions. The age range of participants has also been extended from 14 to 30 years old instead of 25, which it has been in previous years.

Marbella’s councillor for young people Alejandro González said that in previous years the initiative “has allowed many residents of Marbella to have a professional career, even at a national level", and stressed that the town hall wants “the ideas and cultural projects of this group to be known and to promote their expression in different disciplines".

Social media

The councillor explained that entries can be submitted in the creative writing categories, which this year will be open to other formats, such as haikus, song lyrics or texts on social media; graphic arts, which include drawing, photography, sculpture, posters, marketing, brand creation and audiovisual projects, among others; musical and performing arts, which this year will be merged into a single category, and visual arts, which will include the creation of video clips, reels or TikTok content.

The first prize in each category will be 1,000 euros, the second prize 500 euros and the third prize 300 euros. Once the registration period has closed the judging will begin by a jury made up of experts, with a finale gala taking place after summer.

Anyone who has won first prize may enter the competition again, but they will not be chosen for the top award again in the same category. However, they do have a chance of winning the first prize again by submitting an entry in a different category.

More information on the rules and how to register can be found here.

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