The Paleochristian Basilica in San Pedro de Alcántara / josele

Free activities on offer to learn more about Marbella’s heritage

The Costa del Sol town is celebrating European Heritage Days with four activities spread over the next two weekends


Marbella is celebrating European Heritage Days with four activities spread over the next two weekends. These include free guided tours of the watchtowers, the Roman ruins and the old town as well as a children's archaeological workshop. The director of Culture of Marbella, Carmen Díaz, indicated during a presentation on Monday that "the aim is to bring the rich heritage of the town closer to the citizens".

The activities will begin on Saturday 22 October, from 10am to 12.30pm with a tour of the Torres Ladrones, del Lance de las Cañas and de las Bóvedas watchtowers, "Where the importance of the defensive system that existed during the Middle and Modern Ages along the coast of Malaga and, in particular, in our town, will be explained and remembered," said Díaz. There will be a meeting point with a bus, stopping next to the cafeteria La Canasta, which will take visitors to the activity.

On Sunday, 23 October, from 10am to 1pm, a guided tour is to take visitors to the sites included in the ‘Roman footprint route', which includes Las Bóvedas Roman Baths, the Vega del Mar Paleo-Christian Basilica and the Río Verde Roman Villa. "The first show the sophisticated construction system of the Roman world and how they left an important mark on our town, since the baths would have belonged to a very wealthy family," said Díaz.


With regard to the Paleochristian Basilica, she pointed out that "it is an example of the Christianisation that took place with the existence of a temple and a necropolis and which summarises the beliefs and ways of life of the society in the transition to the Middle Ages".

In the case of the Río Verde Roman Villa, Díaz stressed, "It is an example of the aristocracy that existed in the area, with the remains of a villa with unique mosaics." There will also be a bus stop next to the Berdaguer pharmacy to transport visitors.

On Saturday 29 October from 11.30am to 1pm children aged between 6 and 12 may attend a children's archaeology workshop, with the reproduction of a four-leaf clover, one of the images represented in the mosaics of the Villa.

On Sunday 30 October from 10am to 12pm, a guided tour of the Old Town of Marbella is to take place, with a meeting point on Plaza de la Victoria. "Visitors will be told about the origins of the city, its history and evolution from the Roman to the medieval world, passing through the modern world, and they will be able to see the remains of the different cultures in our town," Díaz emphasised.

To participate it is essential to book in advance as places are limited. Reservations can be made by emailing or calling 952 768 710.