Image of the fire in Marbella. Juan Carlos Domínguez
Wildfire alert

Six helicopters, three planes and 100 firefighters on the ground help stabilise Marbella forest fire

The wildfire was declared by the Plan Infoca specialist firefighting brigade at around 6pm this Wednesday evening

Isabel Méndez


Wednesday, 23 August 2023, 18:33

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Plan Infoca, the Junta de Andalucía's specialist forest fire fighting service, is working to tackle a wildfire that broke out shortly before six o'clock this Wednesday evening (23 August) in the Malaga municipality of Marbella, specifically in the La Montúa area.

According to Infoca, two semi-heavy helicopters and one heavy helicopter (Super Puma), two ground-loading aircraft and a fire engine, as well as an environmental agent, two operations technicians, two groups of forest firefighters, two Brica crews and a Brica helicopter were intially deployed.

Subsequently, a coordination aircraft, additional heavy and sem-heavy vehicles, fire engines, another group of forest firefighters and a mediical unit were deployed.

In addition, as reported by Marbella town hall, a farmhouse has been evacuated and access to the Puerto Rico area from the La Cascada restaurant has been cut off.

Marbella fire station crews and members of the Malaga provincial brigade have also joined the efforts to control the blaze.

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