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Financing is now in place for construction of Marbella's new football stadium

Financing is now in place for construction of Marbella's new football stadium

Marbella FC Foundation has announced that it will foot the 18-million-euro cost and the new facility could open in 2025



Friday, 27 January 2023, 12:18


Back in August 2021 the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, announced that the Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas football stadium was to be demolished and another built in its place. Since then, the question has been how the new facility would be financed but that has now been answered by Esteban Granero of Best of You, the company that manages Marbella Football Club: the club's Foundation is to pay for the construction of the new stadium, which is estimated to cost 18 million euros.

Granero said this week that the financing is guaranteed and the amount could even be higher, depending on how the plans for the complex develop.

Last year the town hall invited proposals for the design of the stadium, to include an underground car park, an indoor athletics track and stands for 10,000 people, which it said must meet sustainability and energy efficiency criteria. The contract has now been awarded to Huete Arquitectos.

Although the original plan was for the new stadium to be ready by 2026, the football club hopes it could be completed a year earlier. Granero explained that the objective is for it to open in 2025. "What we want is to be able to play football on our own pitch as soon as possible, and the idea is to give priority to the football ground and have at least one stand ready for use," he said.

The old stadium, which was closed for good last May, is between the densely populated districts of Puya, Torres Murciano and Divina Pastora, so its demolition will be a major change for local residents. The mayor has indicated that the demolition work is likely to begin in September, and construction of the new one will start in 2024.

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