This is the shocking moment police stop an electric scooter rider on a motorway in Spain

The driver now faces a charge from the Guardia Civil officers after the personal mobility vehicle ran out of battery power and she had to use her legs to keep going

Raquel Merino


Tuesday, 5 July 2022, 11:10

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Spain's Road Safety Law makes it very clear: personal mobility vehicles are forbidden on motorways, dual carriageways or inter-urban highways. However, a woman who was stopped on her electric scooter by the Guardia Civil on the AP-7 motorway between San Pedro Alcántara and Estepona on 15 June either didn’t know the law or decided to ignore it.

Numerous people had called to report the situation. When a Guardia Civil patrol arrived, they saw her on a narrow strip on the left-hand side of the road. She seemed exhausted, because her scooter had run out of battery power and she was using her legs to keep going. It was also a very hot day.

The officers took her and the scooter off the motorway, and learned that she had travelled 12 kilometres along the Costa del Sol road by the time they stopped her. She now faces a fine of 200 euros.

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