Drugs and cash found during the search. / sur

Arrested in Marbella for driving without a licence and possessing packs of cocaine ready for sale

The driver and the owner of the vehicle, which had no ITV test certificate, were searched at a police checkpoint


He was driving along the dual carriageway at Marbella when he was surprised by a control point set up by a National Police drugs unit. This was at 11.30pm on Thursday 18 August, near the Torre Real residential development. The officers indicated that he should stop, and when they asked for his documents, he said he didn’t have any and he didn’t have a driving licence either because he had been temporarily banned by a court in Marbella months previously.

The police decided to search him and in one of his trouser pockets an officer found a pack of white powder which turned out to be cocaine. Meanwhile the other officer looked in his shoulder bag and found a sweet tin containing 11 packs of cocaine ready for sale.

They also found 945 euros in cash in his wallet, which the man explained he had earned as a metal worker, although he said he had never been given an employment contract.

The owner of the car – which did not have a valid ITV vehicle technical inspection certificate either – was travelling in the passenger seat and she was also found to have 75 grammes of hashish hidden in a spectacle case. Although the pair tried to convince the police that the drugs were for their own use, they were arrested for a suspected offence against public health.