NAtional police officers arrested the suspects in Alicante and Valencia / SUR

Two women arrested for spiking tourists' drinks to rob them in Marbella

The victims met the suspects at a party and invited them to their flat where the next morning they noticed 9,000 euros worth of belongings were missing


National Police officers arrested two women aged 24 and 27 in the Valencian town of Chiva and in Benidorm in Alicante at the end of last week, on suspicion of spiking tourists’ drinks and robbing them in Puerto Banús.

Two Dutch tourists awoke with hangovers at their Marbella holiday apartment, to which they had invited two women they had met the night before while out partying in April. It later emerged that the women had spiked the tourists’ drinks with a view to robbing them.

When the two tourists woke up the following morning they found that their mobile phones and other items, valued at 9,000 euros in total, had been stolen.

The incident had been under investigation since April, when the victims reported what had happened to Marbella police station, where they provided the results of clinical tests confirming that they had benzodiazepine in their bloodstream.