A smiling Diana Ross had the audience dancing at Starlite. / SUR

Diva queen Diana Ross delights fans at Marbella's Starlite, during her only show in Spain

The audience, mainly composed of expats who had travelled from across the country, were treated to all the 78-year-old American singer's classics


Music legend Diana Ross, 78, appeared on the Starlite stage in Marbella on Wednesday night, 6 July, with the words “I'm coming out”. Wearing a tight, white, glitter dress, topped with a white cape, the veteran superstar had her fans clapping from the first second of the show.

Ross, not only exuded energy, but proved her voice is completely intact as she hit hair-raising notes on tracks such as More Today than Yesterday or My World is Empty Without You, the star´s 1965-hit with the Supremes.

Diana, moving across the stage with her billowing cape, soon changed outfits reappearing with the same tight dress and cape but in a passionate red. Two other costume changes followed later in her set.

With Upside Down she interacted with her fans and whispered the lyrics to the side of the stage. "Thank you, I'm happy to be here with you tonight," the former Supremes lead singer said.

The audience, mainly filled with expats who had travelled from across Spain, were treated to the disco classics Tomorrow, I Still Believe and Ain't no Mountain High Enough.

As the powerful Motown anthem came to close it seemed like the night would draw to a close. But the irrepressible singer came back on stage to perform I Will Survive before bidding Starlite a smiling farewell with the promise to "see you later".