The plan affects around 17,000 trees in Marbella. Josele
No cutbacks to Marbella's annual tree pruning plan

No cutbacks to Marbella's annual tree pruning plan

This year's improved 755,000-euro budget will cover around 17,000 trees, including palms, over the next 12 months

María Albarral


Wednesday, 17 January 2024, 14:06


Marbella town hall has launched a new pruning plan which will affect around 17,000 trees and palm trees throughout the town this year. Mayor Ángeles Muñoz visited the Sagrado Corazón neighbourhood where the plan is already being put into action.

Muñoz stressed the council's commitment "to maintain the town’s important tree population with the application of treatments and conservation work". She added that the plan "follows the recommendations of the European Union and the criteria of the [town hall’s] parks and gardens department, who design a programme according to the needs of each species".

The mayor went on to say that the plan also takes into consideration the public’s safety and that there are more than 71,000 trees in the town, of which 16,000 are palm trees.

"Not all of them have to be pruned every year," she said and pointed out that the pruning plan is made up of three teams, each with nine workers as well as an 18-metre and a 20-metre lifting arm; a 21-metre basket lorry and two vehicles to collect the plant debris. The whole project has a budget of 755,000 euros, which is 20 per cent more than last year.

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