A Marbella Local Police Canine Unit dog with drugs and money from the operation.
Marbella police arrest cannabis club owners for illegally selling drugs

Marbella police arrest cannabis club owners for illegally selling drugs

Accompanied by a Canine Unit sniffer dog, inside the premises officers found ten people smoking marijuana who admitted that they had bought the drug without being members



Friday, 16 December 2022, 18:03


Marbella Local Police had been investigating a cannabis club in San Pedro Alcántara for some time, suspecting that it was selling narcotic substances. Following investigations, the club has been closed down and two people, a man and a woman, have been arrested.

Officers believed that, in addition to allowing its members to consume cannabis legally, the illicit sale of substances was taking place inside the premises.

In an operation officers entered the club and found ten people smoking the drug. None of them were registered as members of the association and they admitted to the police that they had bought the drugs they were consuming inside the club.

With the assistance of one of the dogs from the Local Police Canine Unit, thirty glass jars were discovered that contained narcotic substances, mainly marijuana. In total, 548 grams of hashish, and a kilo and a half of marijuana, and 52 ready-made joints were seized.

Officers also found 1,130 euros paid by the customers to buy the drugs. Police also seized two precision scales and four knives used to cut the substances.

Both the club owners, a man and the woman, were arrested for an alleged offence against public health. The man had previously been arrested for the same criminal offence.

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