Tomás Olivo. / SUR

La Cañada owner ranked richest local man again

The 2021 Forbes list of the world's wealthiest still has the founder of Zara at the top of the Spanish ranking with his 67bn-euro fortune


Malaga and the Costa del Sol have lost a bit of influence within the Spanish contingent of the annual Forbes list of the richest people in the world. Only Tomás Olivo - owner of La Cañada shopping mall in Marbella - appears this year again among the top positions. Olivo is, according to Forbes, in 16th place among Spanish multimillionaires, with a wealth of 1.3bn euros, 400 million less than last year, when he was ranked 9th among Spain's richest.

Off the list this year is Rafael Domínguez de Gor - founder of the Mayoral children's clothing chain based in Malaga city. He had asked to be removed: "When they wrote to me, I explained that they were attributing the assets of the whole group, when in reality we are 19 shareholders and my wife and I only have 20 per cent between us," he said.

Tomás Olivo is a developer and majority shareholder in General de Galerías Comerciales (GGC), one of the most important shopping centre owners in the country. Originally from Murcia, he has been linked to the Costa del Sol for decades. As well as La Cañada in Marbella, his group owns eight other centres.

Olivo isn't the only person linked to Malaga province in the list. Carmen Cervera, who loaned part of her art collection to Malaga city, has one of the biggest fortunes in Spain. Widow of Baron Hans August Thyssen-Bornemisza de Kaszó, from whom she takes her surname, she is owner of the Museo Thyssen collection in Madrid and Malaga's Museo Carmen Thyssen collection. Cevera appears at number 39 of Spain's richest, with a wealth of 750 million euros.

Julio Iglesias

Just above Cevera on the list is singer Julio Iglesias, whose local connection extends to having a second home on his estate within Ojén municipality, overlooking Marbella's Las Chapas district, with a 750-million-euro fortune.

The richest man in all of Spain is once again, by a long way, Amancio Ortega - the Galician founder of Inditex, owner of Zara and other brands. His fortune is 67bn euros. Ortega is followed by his daughter on 6.3bn. Also towards the top of the list are the founder of Mercadona, Juan Roig Alfonso and his wife, Hortensia Herrero.