Man arrested four months after stabbing Belgian citizen

The suspect was identified by police during a routine vehicle control in December in Marbella


A man has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing a Belgian citizen in Estepona in September 2021. The victim was admitted to the Costa del Sol hospital with a knife still stuck in his body. He suffered serious injuries, but has since recovered. Four months after the attack, the assailant has been arrested after being identified during a routine vehicle check.

The attack took place in a residential area where the victim was stabbed several times by an acquaintance with whom he had had an argument. The assailant fled the scene before emergency services arrived to attend to the injured man.

The Estepona police specialised and violent crime unit (UDEV) opened an investigation and officers managed to identify the suspect, although they were unable to locate him at the time.

During a routine vehicle check on 27 December, it was officers from Marbella who stopped the suspect when they noticed that he was performing a strange manoeuvre in the vehicle he was driving at the time. The officers stopped the car, which was carrying the suspect and two other people. According to the police the suspect showed false identity documents.

Later the same car was identified while picking up a fourth passenger. When the officers approached them on this occasion, one of the men threw the car keys into nearby bushes. On finding the keys and opening the car, officers found a loaded gun, seven cartridges, an extendable fender and a radio frequency jammer.

The four men were arrested on suspicion of illegal possession of weapons and investigators identified one of the men as a suspect being sought by colleagues in Estepona in relation to the September stabbing.