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OWO and their revolutionary sensory vest wins big in America

OWO and their revolutionary sensory vest wins big in America

The Malaga-based start-up is pioneering technology that could change gaming and the virtual world forever


Friday, 7 January 2022, 19:26


OWO, a technology start-up in Malaga, has won the Innovation Award at the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas.

The company is now courting the interests of multinationals as their product – vests and t-shirts – that can make gamers ‘feel’ the effects of computer games on their bodies could revolutionise the industry. Universities and even the US military have also expressed keen interest in the futuristic haptic vests.

“There is a lot of interest from various multinationals in our product. We will have to sit down and decide which one we want to work with to distribute the vest,” said OWO’s chief executive chief executive, José Fuertes.

"The American army and police are interested, but for research purposes. In Florida they are waiting for us to go to see how we can work with the university environment. These kinds of offers are coming in thanks to the award, which is actually industry recognition of a completely innovative proposition, it is an acknowledgment. The Covid pandemic had prevented it from being tested earlier at an international level but the moment has finally arrived. We are on the way to being able to turn the virtual world into reality,” he added.

Using the vest, game players can experience sensations like being stabbed or shot, or even hugs. The technology could also be adapted for movie goers to feel sensations from kisses to heartbeats.

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