Malaga's Camino Padilla, Red Bull BC One national champion, at the Malaga Breaking club. Cristina Pinto
Malaga's new breakdancing star is on the road and set to go global

Malaga's new breakdancing star is on the road and set to go global

Now an official sport in the 2024 Olympic Games, seventeen-year-old Camino Padilla has won Red Bull BC One, one of the most important breakdancing tournaments in Spain

Cristina Pinto


Wednesday, 8 May 2024, 15:31


As soon as she turned 16, the age set for participation in Red Bull BC One, Camino Padilla from Malaga did not hesitate to apply. She finished in the eighth round and came back with the desire to try again. And so she did. But this time she came back as the winner of the competition that has been bringing together the best breakdancers in Spain for years.

After becoming an official sport in the 2024 Olympic Games, new tournaments of the federation have been born, but Red Bull BC One is the event par excellence at national level for more than 20 years. And what Camino Padilla from Malaga has done will remain in the memory of many, being the youngest of the b-girls who competed and winning the title at just 17 years old.

In front of more than 6,000 people who filled the Matadero in Madrid and after a four-day camp, Camino won among the eight b-girls who reached the final. After this triumph, every afternoon she continues to go to the headquarters of Malaga Breaking Club, the school where she grew up, to keep training and improve. Although following her recent success, her routine has been somewhat different as she has become one of the most sought after by her classmates and teachers who never stop congratulating her.

Camino also has not stopped taking calls and interviews. The b-girl from Malaga made some time to sit down with SUR and said: "Winning this has been crazy because it has reaffirmed myself and told me that I am capable of doing many more things than I thought".

What comes now is more than exciting for the teenager as she will represent Spain at the Red Bull BC One World Final, to be held in December in Rio de Janeiro. Camino has travelled all over Spain to compete, but this will be the first time she makes the leap to international level: "I had never left the country to compete and to represent Spain is going to be something incredible, this is very important," she said.

They say that they who sows reaps and Camino Padilla is reaping what she has been working for since she started dancing urban dance at the age of five. Her academy teacher, Cristian Naranjo, told her about Malaga Breaking Club and there she continued to polish her work: "What has always surprised me most about her is that from the first minute she is very disciplined and it is clear to her that you have to work hard," said her teacher.

There is a future in Malaga

What is noticeable in the national championships is that Malaga has a lot of youth and most of the youngest b-boys and b-girls come from the Costa del Sol. And in this Red Bull BC One the male podium also had Malaga representation with Daniel Gonzalez (Lil Dani), who came in second place after having won this championship on past occasions. It was almost a Malaga double of winners. "The truth is that Malaga is where there is more youth, there are girls with 14 years that will soon be in these competitions," said Camino Padilla.

Cristina Pinto

She is a reference for all her classmates at college and the most important thing is that she is clear about her future. Right now she is in her first year of Bachillerato at IES Torre Atalaya and wants to study physical activity and sport sciences. "I want to continue competing and growing in break, but I also like teaching and I think that as a teacher of physical education I could have knowledge of break and my work and advance much more," she said.

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