From left to right Jesús Valverde, Alberto García and Salvador Mingorance, three of the players from Malaga on the national team. / FRANCIS SILVA

Malaga players hope to fly high in the European Quidditch Championship

A version of the sport that features in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books takes place in Ireland this weekend


On Saturday the brooms will be raised high and Europe's best quidditch players will go head to head.

Strange as it may seem the fantasty game played on broomsticks described by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter books, has a real life counterpart albeit one with PVC sticks rather than flying brooms.

The European Quidditch Championship takes place in Limerick, Ireland, this weekend. Competitors have to keep the “broom” between their legs at all times but on the plus-side the balls don't have wings as in the books and much-loved films.

Malaka Vikings is the name of Malaga's quidditch team, and its president, Salvador Mingorance, hopes the team can do well at the European Championships. "Spain has never won a tournament, but the feeling is that they can achieve their best ever qualification," says Mingorance. He expects Spain to finish at least in the top eight. "There is a good balance between the experience of the older players and the youngsters who are standing out," adds the president of Malaka Vikings.

In addition to Salvador Mingorance, Jesús Valverde, Alberto García and Elena Fernández from Malaga are also travelling with the Spanish quidditch team. The latter two already have experience of playing in international competitions. In fact, Alberto García is the coach of the national team and has already taken part in the World Cup in Florence (2018) and the European Championship in Bamberg, Germany (2019).

Malaka Vikings, one of the best teams in Spain, can often be seen training in the Concordia Park in Alhaurín de la Torre or on the beach in Huelin.