Malaga province suffers new rise in unemployment

Malaga province suffers new rise in unemployment

February ends with 423 more unemployed in the province, although job creation picks up and Social Security gains 3,680 contributors compared to the previous month

Nuria Triguero


Friday, 3 March 2023, 11:11


Malaga saw another rise in unemployment in February, although less than that of January when it was the third hardest-hit province in the country, with a rise of almost 4,500 unemployed. In February the increase was only 423 more unemployed, meaning the total figure for the province - including the Costa del Sol - is 141,345.

Across Andalucía, unemployment rose by 1,530 people with increases in five provinces (Jaén, Almeria, Granada, Malaga and Cordoba) and decreases in three (Huelva, Cadiz and Seville).

Two positives for Malaga do exist in the data published by the Ministry of Employment this week, based on the numbers of people registered with the Spanish social security department. Firstly, unemployment decreased in the services sector, which is the main economic driver of Malaga (it generates more than 85% of employment). This sector saw a drop of 391 unemployed in February. Construction also improved, albeit slightly, with 29 fewer unemployed than the previous month.

The other positive lies in the increase in workers contributing to the social security system, in other words a rise in job creation. In February, an average of 662,337 people were making contributions in the province, which is 3,680 more than there were in January. Malaga was the second-best Andalusian province in job creation figures, behind Huelva.

In the last twelve months, the province created 27,337 jobs. Its employment growth rate of 4.31% is the highest in mainland Spain, doubling the Andalusian average (2.11%) and well above the national average (2.42%).

Unemployment dropped by 13,347 people in Malaga between February 2022 and 2023, (8.6%). It is the biggest decrease in Andalucía in absolute terms (in percentages it is beaten by Huelva with 12.1%).

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