A group of people walking in the rain in Malaga city last weekend. Marilú Báez
Malaga province and Costa del Sol weather will remain cool and wet into June

Malaga province and Costa del Sol weather will remain cool and wet into June

Spain’s state weather agency Aemet is forecasting storms and heavy downpours at the weekend, coinciding with voting in the local election campaigns

Ignacio Lillo


Wednesday, 24 May 2023, 09:45


"Do not put your coats away until 40th May," the head of Aemet’s weather centre in Malaga has advised. His use of this traditional Spanish saying was never more appropriate. The unstable weather, which has set the tone in the second half of this month, is on track to extend to the first third of June, according to the state weather agency’s forecasts.

For now, what remains of this week will be similar to the previous one. The isolated depression at high altitude (Dana) that is affecting Malaga province and the Costa del Sol now will move away between today (24 May) and Thursday, which will give rise to a small lull. But only for a short time, as another Dana will enter from the north starting Friday, and it threatens to bring more rain during the weekend.

"Actually, we will continue having instability in the weather, the showers will be present almost every day of the week," confirmed Jesús Riesco, director of the city's meteorological centre.

Today, Wednesday, these will generally be less frequent and intense, and the same will happen tomorrow, isolated and light showers could still fall anywhere in the province although they are more likely inland. On Thursday, the depression will retreat late in the day to the east.

Soggy elections

On Friday another new Dana will be formed in the Atlantic, which will influence the southern part of the Spanish mainland. This will continue having an effect during all that remains of May and may even continue at the start of June - the gateway of summer - which will start with turbulent weather and temperatures below normal for the time of year, according to the meteorologist.

Therefore, this weekend, when Spain’s local elections will be held, it will be wet in large areas of the province. According to the weather models, on Saturday rain will be quite likely, while on Sunday, which is when the voting will take place, there are still some doubts about the amounts and distribution (since it is still some time away), although the weather will generally be unstable in the province.

In addition, weather models determine that next week (between May and June) and the week after (5-11 June) will both be cooler and wetter than normal. "Do not put your coat away until 40th May," said the director of Aemet in Malaga. The maximum temperatures will be around 24C (16-18 degrees minimum). Therefore, the weather will not stabilise at least until the second half of June.

José Luis Escudero, responsible for the Storms and Lightning weather blog on SUR, agreed that almost all the weather models agree that on Saturday there will be precipitation, and the best news is that this time they give more probability of rain and significant accumulations in the area of ​​the Guadalhorce reservoirs, where for now they have gone almost unnoticed. "The entire province will be affected," he specified. Before however, Thursday and Friday will be calmer days, and on Sunday Escudero does not believe that it will rain in Malaga city, but it will rain inland.

Where did it rain yesterday?

Malaga city was not affected yesterday by the storms, which did leave some accumulations in other parts of the province. According to data from the Junta de Andalucá’s Hidrosur network, the Ojén rain gauges stood out and recorded 14.5mm; Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja (11mm); Guadiaro river (8mm); Ronda (5mm) and Guadalteba reservoir (4mm).

The bad news, again, is that the storms have largely passed by almost all the large reservoirs in the province (with the exception above, and with a token amount), so they still have not managed to score a net gain since the current wet May episode began.

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