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Malaga metro and bus travel will be 30% cheaper from next month

Malaga metro and bus travel will be 30% cheaper from next month

The Junta de Andalucía is going ahead with the scheme but has criticised the Spanish government for not confirming how much financial support the regions will be receiving

José Luis Piedra


Monday, 1 August 2022, 12:42


The Junta de Andalucía has confirmed that it will be going ahead and introducing a 30% discount on Malaga metro and bus journeys from 1 September. It will be applied to the price of the city’s travel card and means that the cost of a suburban journey within Malaga will be 57 céntimos instead of 82.

The regional government is implementing the discount, which is part of a recent package of measures aimed at alleviating the cost of living crisis, despite uncertainty about how much the government in Madrid will be contributing to the cost.

Marifrán Carazo, the Junta’s Minister of Public Works, didn't mince her words in a letter written last week to her counterpart in Madrid, Raquel Sánchez, to express her concern over the situation.

“Andalucía is going to need more than ten million euros for this, so the one hundred million euros you have announced for the whole of Spain is obviously insufficient to cover the cost,” she said in the letter, in which she also stressed that the Junta totally disagrees with the process which means regional governments have to commit to the scheme without knowing the real cost or how much financial support they will be receiving.

She said the government should have listened to the regional authorities before announcing the scheme, and also pointed out that the situation for Andalucía is particularly difficult because the annual budget has been deferred.



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