National Police officers during the investigation in Malaga. CNP

Malaga cyber crime gang swindles 70,000 euros from 'love' victim by posing as Ukraine humanitarian doctor

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National Police officers arrested four members of the gang and discovered more than 100 other victims during the investigation

Juan Cano


Friday, 21 April 2023, 17:56


Four people have been arrested by National Police in Malaga after swindling 70,000 euros from a female victim who believed she was sending the funds to a doctor who was on a UN humanitarian mission to Ukraine.

The victim had fallen in love with the social network profile of a fake doctor, in which the criminals had used the real photos and details of a rhinoplasty specialist from Turkey.

The gang that has now been dismantled, with the arrests in Malaga, targeted more than a hundred other victims throughout Spain and across Europe.

National Police officers in Malaga have also dismantled another cybercrime gang, as SUR has recently reported, in which a local lawyer was tricked into losing 300,000 euros over five years. She had believed that the person to whom she was giving the money was an American military man with whom she had fallen in love. In that scam there were 60 victims throughout Spain.



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