María González Durán has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram, SUR
Watch the María Speaks English video guide to Malaga's summer fair that has gone viral
Malaga Feria 2023

Watch the María Speaks English video guide to Malaga's summer fair that has gone viral

Social media influencer María González Durán translates the most important aspects of the feria from her native Spanish, so that foreigners can get a better understanding of the event

Isabel Méndez


Wednesday, 16 August 2023, 11:10


Farolillo, abanico or coche de choque, among many other words, are part of the basic vocabulary of the Malaga Feria, or summer fair. But would the average Spanish person know how translate them into English?

To help make sure the answer is 'yes', social media influencer María González Durán has shared a video in which she explains the translations of 'caseta' (although here her 'tent' falls short; really it can be anything from a marquee in the city centre to a bar, music venue or restaurant on the fairground), 'algodón dulce' (candyfloss) and other words commonly used in the day-to-day life of the fair.

The video by the city influencer, better known on social media as María Speaks English, has already had almost 10,000 likes.

As she walks around the fairground with a big red flower on her head to match her earrings, she teases: "Now you won't have a tough time the next time you take your 'guiri' friend to the fair".

María, who has more than 641,000 followers on Instagram, amusingly explained that the 'farolillos' are paper lanterns, los 'cacharritos' are the fairground attractions, 'la montaña rusa' a rollercoaster and a dozen other key elements of the feria, offering her "little hints" to help foreign tourists find out what to expect during the August festivities in Malaga.


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