An officer free the Royal Owl. Policía Local

Watch as police rescue trapped eagle owl from a barbed wire fence in Malaga

The impressive bird was found wrapped around the top of a fence near the city's El Limonero reservoir

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Sunday, 22 October 2023, 09:21

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Officers of the nature protection group (Gruprona) of the Local Police of Malaga have rescued an eagle owl that was trapped on a barbed wire fence on the road up to the city's El Limonero reservoir. A member of the public walking in the area noticed the distressed bird and called the police to alert them.

At first, the animal was frightened and defensive but gradually became more relaxed and allowed the Gruprona officers to cut it loose with wire cutters. Once free, the owl was transferred to Malaga's animal protection centre (Cepam) to be treated by the municipal veterinarian, who, with the help of other workers at the centre, showed great skill in removing the pieces of wire that were still embedded in the wild animal.

Once the initial care had been completed the centre for the recovery of endangered species (CREA) in Malaga took charge of the animal to manage its complete recovery and subsequent return to its natural habitat.

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