Those responsible sprayed paint on several carriages. / francis silva

Graffiti vandals target first private high-speed train undergoing trials in Malaga

Those responsible cut through a wire fence at the Los Prados depot, where the Iryo company’s 'red arrow' unit is being tested for speed and safety


The first private high-speed train which will operate between Malaga and Madrid and is currently being tested at Los Prados in Malaga city, has been vandalised.

Those responsible cut a hole in the metal fence and painted graffiti over the Iryo company’s Frecciarossa train, with words and symbols referring to anti-establishment and anti-police movements. These included the numbers 1312, which represent the letters ACAB of the alphabet and stand for All Cops Are Bastards.

The company has declined to comment on the fact that the train, which is not yet in service, had been vandalised.

Iryo will be the first company to privately operate a high-speed rail service between Malaga and Madrid, and it is hoped that this will begin in March next year. The bright red trains are easily recognised, and their name – meaning red arrow in Italian – is a good indication of how fast they are able to travel.