Virgin's Valiant Lady, moored in Malaga. / salvador salas

Virgin cruise company selects Malaga as base port for Valiant Lady

The adult-only ship arrived for its first visit on Monday and will be a regular visitor to the Costa del Sol this summer


Dozens of cruise ships visit Malaga Port every year, but most of them just come for the day, arriving in the morning and leaving in the evening. However, the British multinational Virgin has decided to use Malaga as its base port, so that passengers can begin their cruises there and supplies can be taken on board.

This is why the cruise liner Valiant Lady, which arrived in Malaga for the first time on Monday, stayed overnight and will be departing at 3pm today. The ship, which was built last year, is 277 metres long and can carry up to 2,800 passengers, although at the moment only 700 are on board. She arrived from Gibraltar, and her next destination will be Palma de Mallorca.

According to the Virgin website, these cruises focus on gastronomy and sport. The Valiant Lady only accepts adults as passengers and there is no buffet: instead, those on a cruise can choose from 20 different restaurants. There is a tattoo studio, a boxing ring and a room where yoga classes are held. Also, and unsurprisingly as the ship is owned by Virgin, there is a record shop on board and a large two-storey discotheque.