"The most important thing is to find a home for the big guy!” / SUR

Ulysses, the dog that was found dumped and dying, is looking for a new home… again

The family that adopted the young mastiff, originally rescued from a bag inside a rubbish bin, have had to return the dog to the Malaga animal shelter


Many people will remember the story: Ulysses, a mastiff puppy just a few months old, was found in June 2020 inside a sack tied with rope and thrown in a rubbish container in the Puertosol residential area, on the outskirts of Malaga.

The efforts of the Local Police to rescue him, those of the Humane Society to cover the expenses and the veterinarians and assistants of the SOS Catycan veterinary hospital saved Ulysses’ life. And the dog became a symbol of the fight against animal abuse.

When he was improved and able to stand, Ulysses moved temporarily to the house of Inma Laure, a volunteer from the Malaga Protectora who kept him in foster care for six months.


In January of last year, an Irish couple living in Conil adopted the puppy but, sadly, it has not worked out. The family has invested time and money in several trainers, but has not been able to control the powerful animal, which has some behavioural problems due to its traumas and fears.

Now, Ulysses is back in Malaga, at the home of Samuel León, a professional dog trainer and founder of Tribu Canina, something that Ulysses’ former family continues to contribute towards. But a new home is needed, said the expert who offers advice to people who are interested in adopting Ulysses. “He is a dog with insecurity problems. The nature of his behaviour is fear. When you know his story, you get an idea of ​​the ordeal he has gone through: early in life he suffered abuse and abandonment. We have a dog that has had horrible experiences and has not been educated or socialised."

Samuel León, who has also been a volunteer for the Protectora since 2015, explains that Ulysses is not really a bold dog, but rather avoids conflict with people and dogs. "What happens then? In a family without leadership, little expertise and little authority, he grows up and becomes strong. Although with me he manages his fear perfectly and avoids any conflict, with inexperienced people he becomes brave. He becomes protective and knows that if he gets aggressive with other dogs or with other people no one is going to get close to him, and therefore his bad behaviour is reinforced”.

Respect and trust

The expert educator has full confidence that Ulysses can find a family with which both parties are happy. “He has been with me for a few weeks and at first he was very suspicious and during the first days I had to protect myself when entering his kennel, as a precaution. Now we have a relationship based on respect and trust and he can walk around the countryside, the city or attend a group class with other dogs without the slightest problem. We continue to work on his fears to make him as sociable and balanced as possible.”

Free trainin classes

So what would be the right profile? A family with experience and authority to handle a dog of this size and these characteristics, "and with a little patience."

Samuel León will offer adopters a free individual training class and two months of group classes, “so that they get to know each other and know how to handle him, and therefore we guarantee that from the off things are done correctly. But the most important thing is to find a home for the big guy!”