A photo of the daytime fair in the city centre this week. / salvador salas

Foreign tourist arrested at Malaga Fair for hiding spy cameras to film people going to the toilet

His movements attracted the attention of a police patrol and a subsequent search of his rucksack revealed computer devices and memory cards


An Asian tourist has been arrested on suspicion of placing spy cameras in different locations at the Malaga Fair to take photos of people urinating in the street. The police say he may have obtained intimate photos of adults and children by doing this.

Local Police sources have told SUR that the man was arrested at 2.15am on Monday in Calle de la Bandolá, close to the fairground. His movements attracted the attention of officers in a patrol car, who saw him crouch down to the ground and then stand straight up again, repeating this several times while looking around furtively.

As this behaviour struck them as strange, the officers decided to approach him and saw him hurriedly try to put away something that looked like a camera when he noticed them.

The officers inspected the area, using torches, and found five cameras hidden beneath parked cars, in a location close to the fairground bars where people often go to relieve themselves.

They then searched the man and his rucksack, and found several computer devices and 50 memory cards. The officers confiscated mobile phones, memory cards, cameras, pen drives and hard disks.

After arresting the tourist, who was due to fly back to his own country within a few days, the police have opened an investigation and are currently examining the computer material. At present, it is not clear whether he intended to keep the photos for his own use or distribute them to third parties.