Two of the frigates that make up the Navy's 41st Escort Squadron, at dock 2. Marilú Báez
Visiting times for the Spanish Navy warships in Malaga port

Visiting times for the Spanish Navy warships in Malaga port

The ships Santa María, Numancia, Reina Sofía and Navarra will remain moored until Sunday, in an unprecedented deployment in the city

Friday, 26 January 2024, 20:54


Four combat frigates at the same time, a crew of more than 750 people and the chance to experience first-hand what a military vessel is like. The ships Santa María, Numancia, Reina Sofía, and Navarra, belonging to the 41st Escort Squadron of the Spanish Navy, docked this Friday at the quay known as Muelle 2 of the port of Malaga. The four frigates have come from the waters of the Gulf of Cadiz, where they have taken part in an exercise. Two of these frigates can be visited on Saturday and Sunday, at different times.

According to official Navy sources, visits will be possible on Saturday from 10am to 12pm and from 3pm to 6pm. On Sunday, visits will be limited to the morning, again between 10am and 12 noon. In the afternoon, the frigates will depart for Rota, where they are based. Members of the public interested in visiting the frigates will be able to do so. Once there, military personnel will be in charge of distributing the visitors in groups and offering guided tours.

This is not the first time that the port of Malaga has hosted military frigates. However, the deployment on this occasion is unprecedented. This was highlighted by the Naval Commander of Malaga, Pablo Ramón Murga, who thanked the captains of the respective ships for this gesture. In addition to those mentioned, the 41st Escort Squadron of the Navy also includes the Victoria, currently deployed in Operation Atalanta in the waters of the Indian Ocean, and the frigate Canarias, which will take over from the Victoria in the short term.

What awaits those who decide to approach Muelle 2? The frigates are identical and share the same characteristics. They all left the Cadiz shipyards and weigh 3,900 tonnes. They measure 138 metres in length, 14.3 metres in beam and 7.5 metres in draught. Their maximum speed is 29 knots, which is approximately 54 kilometres per hour. These frigates have a range of 5,300 miles, or 8,529 kilometres. All are capable of carrying two medium helicopters or, alternatively, Scan Eagle drones.

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