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Three men reported in Malaga for burning live hedgehogs with a blowtorch, which they 'planned to eat'
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Three men reported in Malaga for burning live hedgehogs with a blowtorch, which they 'planned to eat'

The timely intervention of Local Police officers saved the lives of four of the protected creatures, which will be released back into the wild

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Monday, 20 November 2023, 17:36

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Local Police in Malaga have identified three individuals, aged between 20 and 28, for an alleged crime of animal abuse, after being caught burning hedgehogs with a blowtorch, claiming that they did so «to eat them».

The incident happened around 2.45pm last Tuesday, 14 November, in the Churriana district of the city, when police officers patrolling the area saw several parked vans and, next to them, three individuals burning something with a blowtorch.

The officers approached them to see if they were building a bonfire and found that they were burning live hedgehogs, two of which were already burnt to a crisp, with another four live hedgehogs that appeared to have the same fate awaiting them.

When asked about the incident, the individuals stated that they had hunted them in the area and were killing them in this way in order to eat them, according to a statement from the Local Police.

Four were saved

The timely intervention of the Local Police officers made it possible to save the four hedgehogs that were still alive, contacting their colleagues from the Nature Protection Group (Gruprona), who, once on the scene, took charge of them and transferred to the Municipal Animal Protection Centre (Cepam). From there they went to the Junta de Andalucía's Centre for the Recovery of Threatened Species (CREA), as they have special protection in the catalogue of endangered species.

Once at the centre, veterinary staff inspected them and were able to verify that the four rescued specimens were in good condition, which is why they will be released in the Montes de Málaga natural park.

Policía Local

With regard to the two burnt hedgehogs, the officers alerted the municipal services for the collection of dead animal carcasses for their removal.

The Local Police officers have reported those involved on two charges, one for infringement of the Law of Flora and Wild Fauna, which states that «it is prohibited to capture and kill wild animals alive», and the other for infringement of the Law of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, which prohibits the capture and killing of species of fauna included in the list of Wild Species under Special Protection Regime«. These reports were sent to the Department of Environment of the Malaga province delegation of the Andalusian regional government.

Gruprona officers informed the three individuals of their rights as non-detainees under investigation for the alleged crimes of animal abuse, with the charges being subject to judicial resolution.

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