The apartment, with a privileged location in Plaza del Obispo, has five bedrooms.

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The apartment, with a privileged location in Plaza del Obispo, has five bedrooms. SUR

This is the most-expensive apartment on the pre-owned market in Malaga, with a cool three-million-euro price tag

The property, in a prime position overlooking the citys cathedral, is clearly being marketed to foreign buyers



Wednesday, 22 November 2023

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The most expensive apartment that is currently on the market in Malaga city, not including new developments, is in the Plaza del Obispo and is priced at a cool 2,990,000 euros. And that's after the price was reduced by seven per cent on the real estate portal Idealista (before it was 3.2 million euros).

It is a 330-square-metre property located directly in front of the cathedral, spread over two floors, with five bedrooms and ten balconies overlooking one of the most iconic parts of the city centre. It does not include a parking space, which costs an additional 60,000 euros. The Gilmar agency is in charge of marketing the property.

The luxury apartment occupies two floors of the building and overlooks the central plaza, with direct views of the cathedral, and its main entrance.

The text of the advertisement is clearly aimed at a potential foreign buyer stating: "The origin of this square dates back to the Muslim era but it has been in its last period, the twentieth century, when it has been renovated. This emblematic place has been the scene of feature films, imitating a square of colonial Peru. It is very close to the most recognised sights of the city: the Roman theatre, Pablo Ruiz Picasso and Thyssen Museums, Muelle Uno and Malagueta beach, all perfectly within walking distance". The estate agency confirmed that the most likely buyer of a property like this "is neither from Malaga nor Spanish".

"It is two registered properties together occupying a total built area of 330 square metres, occupying part of the third and fourth floors of the building. It has a very large living room area, close to 70 square metres. This room is on the corner of Plaza del Obispo and originally enjoyed a terrace of 25 metres that was incorporated into the house, and joins with the dining area with four large balconies, also facing the square, with an area close to 40 square metres," details the advertisement. The kitchen is fully-equipped, with access from another of the entrances to the property.

As for the bedrooms, all but one have their own bathroom. All five are "of enormous proportions" and the master bedroom has two dressing rooms and a 30-square-metre rest area, as well as a study or office area.

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