No objects with genitalia, such as inflatable dolls, and other items of a sexual nature may be paraded in public (archive image). SUR
These are some of Malaga's lesser-known offences which could see you slapped with a fine of up to 1,500 euros in the city

These are some of Malaga's lesser-known offences which could see you slapped with a fine of up to 1,500 euros in the city

They are now in the spotlight after a recent modification of the law that bans nudity and the carrying items of a sexual nature in a crackdown on rowdy stag and hen parties

Pilar R. Quirós


Monday, 20 November 2023, 12:16


Following the modification to the Citizen Coexistence law which came into force in Malaga city on Wednesday 15 November, the change has drawn attention to other pre-existing, but lesser known areas, covered under the regulation.

The recent change to the law has come about principally due to the rise in the number of hen and stag parties in the city centre. Lawbreakers can now be hit with fines of 750 euros for walking around the city naked, or with inflatable dolls and other items depicting genitalia.

After a process that began last December, the Citizen Coexistence regulations were approved on Thursday 21 September with the backing of local residents and businesses who are tired of the problems the rowdy groups can cause. The final step in the process was the approval at the full council session on 27 September and its publishing in full in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP).

The Citizen Coexistence law has a section on cleanliness of public spaces, whose regulation aims to protect public health and the right to enjoy clean streets and a suitable environment, with respect for coexistence and civic-mindedness. The section states that it is forbidden to defecate, urinate, or spit in the street, which can attract fines ranging from 300 to 1,500 euros depending on the location.

The same section also details fines for throwing rubbish such as cigarette butts, chewing gum, food scraps, etc. onto roads or streets. Infractions will incur fines from 300 euros, rising to 1,500 euros in the case of littering from moving vehicles, from a height (such as from an apartment), or endangering the hygiene, health or safety of people.

More well known are the fines for leaving dog excrement in the street; these range from 75 to 500 euros, with the upper amount being applied when the offence takes place in parks and gardens, pedestrian streets, areas with a large number of people, or educational or health centres.

This section of the law also governs the 'botellón', a drinking party in the street, and is punishable by fines of up to 300 euros. The same fine applies to the consumption of alcoholic beverages by underage drinkers in public spaces.

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