The awards ceremony at the city’s exhibition and conference centre. . Ñito Salas
Malága TechPark celebrates 30 years

Malága TechPark celebrates 30 years


Eleven major companies at the centre were recognised at an awards ceremony which paid tribute to the park’s role in economic development

Matías Stuber


Wednesday, 15 March 2023, 13:34

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There are some infrastructures that have the capacity to transform a city and an entire region. In 1993, Malaga had the good fortune to open what was then called the Andalucía Technology Park (PTA).

Now, after being renamed, the Málaga TechPark celebrated its thirtieth birthday with a big event on Tuesday 14 March at the city’s exhibition and conference centre. Companies that were honoured included Accenture, Corporación Altra, Aertec Solutions, EY España, Ericsson, Dekra, Opplus, Indra, Google, Oracle and Innova IRV.

The event, which was headed by the President of the Junta de Andalucía regional government, was attended by, among others, the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, the regional Minister of Economy, Carolina España, the regional Minister of Employment, Rocío Blanco, the President of Malaga's provincial authority, Francisco Salado, the Rector of the University of Malaga, José Ángel Narváez, and the President of Unicaja, Manuel Azuaga.

The president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, was in charge of closing the event. He said that Málaga TechPark is "a resounding success story" and thanked all "the teams that made this possible". As he paid tribute to the director of the tech park, Felipe Romera, who has been there from its inception Moreno said that the centre has also served to "diversify the economy of Andalucía" and that it should also serve as an element that helps to "accelerate the development of the region in the future".

The commemoration event included a speech by the regional Minister of Economy, Carolina España, said that Malaga aspires to be "the California of the south".

An awards ceremony took place after España’s speech with presentations going to Toni de la Prieta (Accenture), Antonio Mediato (Corporación Altra), Antonio Gómez Guillamón and Vicente Padilla (Aertec), Víctor Gómez de la Cruz (EY Spain), Juan Manuel Melero (Ericsson), Alejandro Torrecilla (Dekra), Pablo Benavides (Opplus), Ana López (Indra), Bernardo Quintero (Google), Sofía Schneider (Oracle), and Ezequiel Navarro (Innova IRV).

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