The Zeeleeuw sub at a port in the Netherlands. Dutch Ministry of Defence
Submarine sighted off the Costa del Sol causes a stir on social media

Submarine sighted off the Costa del Sol causes a stir on social media

The Dutch navy vessel, HNLMS Zeeleeuw, is believed to be heading to Malaga Port and expected to dock at 6pm today

Chus Heredia


Friday, 3 November 2023, 13:32

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Photographs circulating on social media of a submarine in the distance off the Costa del Sol have been generating huge excitement since Thursday. And now SUR is able to confirm that the images are of a Dutch navy submarine, the Zeeleeuw (sea lion). It is expected to arrive at Malaga port at 6pm today (Friday 3 November) to occupy the berth left by the cruise ship Silver Nova.

The Dutch navy craft entered service in 1990 and around 2014, it underwent a major upgrade. It is expected to dock in the Port of Malaga's security zone until Tuesday 7 November. It is not envisaged that the public will be able to visit the submarine.

The Walrus class vessel is 69 metres long, 8.5 metres wide, and weighs 2,650 tonnes. It has a maximum draught of 7.5 metres and can descend to a depth of 300 metres.

The HNLMS Zeeleeuw performs naval manoeuvres and military interventions wherever it is required. Its weapons arsenal consists of Mark 48 torpedoes and Harpoon missiles. It is powered by a diesel-electric system with an output of 3,132 kW, which propels it at 13 knots on the surface, and 20 knots when submerged. It has a range of up to 10,000 nautical miles.

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