Alberto Moreno Jurado with his time-lapse equipment. MIGUE FERNÁNDEZ

Watch as stunning time-lapse video captures Malaga in a new light

Local bus driver Alberto Moreno Jurado has an artistic eye and professional approach to photographing his city with many followers of his work on social media



Friday, 20 January 2023


In his free time Malaga city bus driver Alberto Moreno Jurado has created riveting time-lapse videos of Malaga city.

His latest creation, which he uploaded to YouTube a fortnight ago, is a time-lapse created with 29,821 photographs taken from different points in the city this Christmas. The locations include the terrace of the Soho Boutique in La Equitativa, the illumination of the Pompidou centre and the Christmas lights in the botanical garden of La Concepción, to others showing how Calle Larios fills up on any given day.

The video of almost three minutes length that Alberto uploaded on 22 December called Malaga at Christmas 2022 has already had more than 12,000 views on YouTube.

"My intention is not to capture the people ... I get the movement from the clouds, the street lighting itself. In the end, the movement of the people takes second place; what I'm looking for is above all the light," Alberto said in a chat with SUR.

"The complicated thing is to find the music, the first thing I do is look for it and, from there, my head starts to work it all out. First I listen to it and then I let my creativity become part of the game and what I call magic starts to happen, which is imagining the sequences that I'm going to include in the video," the photographer explained.

Time and patience is also something that is needed to create the time-lapses: "You record three or four hours for a sequence and then you add the editing time with the computer. There was one job for which I spent ten hours with the camera," Alberto said.

Although Alberto considers it a hobby, photography is going places for this creative man who bought his first camera ten years ago. And while he has been working with the 'time-lapse' technique for about three years, he has shot night photography for much longer and was the runner-up that category with a beautiful image from Torcal in a 2021 Spanish Confederation of Photography contest.

Cameras were black wooden boxes

Alberto said when he shoots in Torcal "99 per cent of the time" he is accompanied by his father, Pepe Moreno, from whom much of his love for photography comes from. "In my house we've always been linked to this subject. My great-grandfather used to take photos when cameras were black wooden boxes and my grandfather used to tell me how they used to go to the fair on donkeys to take photos of everything. My uncle and my aunt are also into photography. And my father, who is now totally involved with me", explains Alberto Moreno Jurado, for whom this is not just a hobby.

Among his future projects is to create a platform for courses explaining how to save time doing time-lapse and teach the technique from zero to professional. Although he has no plans to leave his bus driving job, he cannot give up photography because it is his passion and he considers himself a perfectionist in what he does.

"A good photograph has to seek the perfection of the eye that sees it," Alberto said.





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