Starbucks opens new coffee shop in Muelle Uno and donates opening day proceeds to charity

Starbucks opens new coffee shop in Muelle Uno and donates opening day proceeds to charity

It is the chain's ninth outlet in Malaga city and the latest opening will employ 16 people

Juan Soto


Friday, 26 May 2023

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Coffee shop chain Starbucks has opened a new shop in the Muelle Uno shopping centre on Wednesday, 24 May, making it the American multinational's ninth store in Malaga city.

The premises located between Miniso and Belros has a capacity for 52 people and allowed for the employment of 16 people.

The coffee company, a brand operated by Grupo Alsea, said the shop has landed "in one of Malaga's most popular tourist hotspots" and in a shopping centre that is a commercial hub in the city with more than 12 million visitors a year.

Starbucks Spain general manager Antonio Romero said he was very happy after the opening, as "Malaga is a tourist reference at a national and international level" and is located in an area "with direct views of the sea". He also pointed out the company's employment record, creating 287 jobs since they arrived in Andalucía in 2014.

The proceeds from the opening day of the new shop will be donated to the Harena Foundation, which helps elderly people suffering from loneliness and isolation.

Harena Foundation managing director Angie Moreno expressed her gratitude for the company's commitment to the social welfare of elderly people living alone.

"We are talking about a silent group that sometimes does not ask for the help they need to leave behind this situation that directly affects their health. Therefore, detecting and protecting older people from loneliness, is something that Starbucks is very aware of, and is the responsibility of all citizens," Romero said.

Starbucks first arrived in Malaga city in 2014, where it currently has nine shops, and 19 in the Andalulcía region.

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