Roman findings delay the planned Sephardic centre in Malaga city

Roman findings delay the planned Sephardic centre in Malaga city

The project, located next to El Pimpi in Malaga's old Jewish quarter, is being adapted after a request from the city hall

Thursday, 13 October 2022, 10:31

The Jewish community in Malaga has been waiting more than 20 years for the new Sephardic cultural centre with a museum and synagogue to be built in what used to be the Jewish quarter of Malaga, in and around Calle Granada. The site reserved for the project in the Plaza de la Judería, next to the famous bodega El Pimpi, is still empty, waiting for the works to begin.

The latest delay is related to the remains of a heating system for a Roman sauna or hot water baths that were discovered following an archaeological excavation in September 2020.

The remains have been been dated to between the first and second century AD and, because of their uniqueness, the city hall has requested that they be viewable in the basement of the planned cultural centre.

According to sources close to the project, the foundation system is being recalculated so that the structure of the building does not damage the remains. A modification of the project will soon be presented.


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