Álvaro Rojas, back at Malaga university for the presentation. / Marcos Álvarez

Rolls-Royce seeks new talent among engineering students in Malaga

Álvaro Rojas, a former student who has worked in the UK for the multinational for seven years, returned to give a presentation this week


Could a student at Malaga university go on to work for a multinational like Rolls Royce? The answer is yes, and one example is Álvaro Rojas, a young engineer and former student at the UMA who has been with the aeronautics company at one of its factories in the UK for the past seven years.

As well as working in a department which develops engines for the planes of the future, he gives talks to students about their chances of following in his footsteps and working for a company of this standard outside Spain.

“We give these presentations in universities all over Europe, but this has been the first time we have done one in Malaga,” he told SUR. “This type of programme is not very common in Spain, and when I learned about it I wanted to find out more. Now I’m pleased to have the chance to inform other students about the things I would have liked to have known when I was at university” he said.

In fact there are many opportunities for those who want to work for the firm, as it has bases in several European countries and also the USA. “In England, the company even pays for your visa. If you’re good, Rolls Royce doesn’t care where you are from,” Rojas said. There are positions for students, like scholarships but with more responsibility and also for graduates and those still at secondary school or studying for the Baccalaureate. “While you are studying you work and they give you a salary, and even pay your university fees in England,” Rojas explained.

What are they looking for?

Rolls Royce is not just looking for engineering and energy students but also people studying administration and company management. They do not look at whether people have academic or work experience, Rojas said.

“More important than your CV is to demonstrate the values which are important to the company, like being trustworthy, straightforward, with the ability to collaborate, rapport and security. And those are not just words, these values are reviewed at the outset and during follow-up meetings,” he said.

Of course, anyone wanting to work for Rolls Royce needs to speak English but no language qualifications are required. “You just have to be able to communicate. In the interview they won’t ask for certificates. It is very culturally diverse – my boss is Indian and I have colleagues from many other countries – and you hear a lot of different accents,” he said. Although it should be noted that to work in the UK a B1 certificate in English is necessary for the visa.

The students at this week’s presentation showed great interest, especially in knowing the procedures necessary to work in the UK after Brexit, the possibility of working remotely or whether they could continue to study at Malaga and work at the same time.