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Malaga hospital carries out over 100 bone marrow transplants as outpatient procedure

Malaga hospital carries out over 100 bone marrow transplants as outpatient procedure

Instead of having to spend two weeks in isolation in hospital after the procedure, some patients are able to recover at home with visits from nursing staff

Ángel Escalera

Monday, 20 June 2022, 18:51


Staff at the haematology and haemotherapy unit at the Regional Hospital in Malaga (formerly called Carlos Haya) have carried out over 100 bone marrow transplants without the patients needing to stay in hospital, under its home hospitalisation plan, known as HEDO.

Since starting in March 2019, 106 patients with multiple myeloma and lymphoma have benefited from this system; they undergo the procedure at the day hospital and then recover at home with daily visits from nursing staff.

The HEDO system aims to improve the patients’ quality of life, as it is much better for them to recover in the comfort of their own home. Until the system was introduced, patients had to say in isolation at the hospital for about two weeks.

Suitable for certain patients

The head of the unit, Dr Manuel Isidro Muñoz, says that only patients with lymphoma and multiple myeloma have benefitted from this system so far.

“No patient with myeloma who needed a bone marrow transplant has had to be admitted to the hospital. They come to the day unit for the procedure, which only takes one day, and then go home to recover,” he says.

Nurses visit the patients at home every day and carry out all the necessary tests and tasks, including taking blood for analysis and administering prescriptions. The patient can also contact their nurse any time between 8am and 10pm, every day of the week, if they need to.


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