The new bakery has opened in the city's Calle Especería. SUR
Portugal's famous custard tarts arrive in the centre of Malaga
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Portugal's famous custard tarts arrive in the centre of Malaga

Two entrepreneurs from Lisbon have opened De Nata patisserie in Calle Especería

Juan Soto


Tuesday, 19 March 2024, 11:04


Fans of the famous custard tarts in Portugal won't now have to travel more than a thousand kilometres from the Costa del Sol to try the typical Portuguese delicacies. The sweets originating from the Belém neighbourhood, which captivate both locals and tourists visiting this part of Lisbon, have now arrived in the centre of Malaga.

Patisserie De Nata has opened its doors at 6 Calle Especería in the premises previously occupied by Mercado de la Plata, very close to Plaza de la Constitución. The opening has allowed four people to be employed, with that figure set to grow when the business starts to take off.

De Nata is the personal project of Duarte Freitas and Afonso O'Neill, two entrepreneurs from Lisbon who have two other stores in southern Spain, in Seville. Sources close to management said the idea of opening in Malaga was on the table from the very beginning when De Nata opened its first store six years ago in Seville, although at that time they had considered locating it in Marbella or in another Costa del Sol town.


Given the great reception in Seville, the pair started looking at nearby provinces and Malaga was once again at the top of the list. They said the city is the ideal place for an establishment of this type as its climate is very similar to that of Lisbon and because of its current tourism boom. They also said they plan to open in Madrid.

Bakery in sight

De Nata is a patisserie designed for takeaway or to eat on the spot. In addition to the traditional custard cakes (which they offer at a price of 1.90 per cake or 11.40 euros for a box of six), they also offer homemade lemonade, different types of teas and coffee.

The outside of the new shop in Malaga city.
The outside of the new shop in Malaga city. Migue Fernández

They said the cakes are handmade daily in the shop, from the puff pastry to the custard filling. Most of the ingredients are sourced from Portugal to keep the recipe as close to the original as possible. The pastry is eaten freshly baked and slightly warm. The shop is expected to be open between 10 am and 8.30 pm.

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