The devices will speed up the checks that officers have to carry out. ñtio salas
Local Police officers to carry electronic devices so drivers can pay fines on the spot

Local Police officers to carry electronic devices so drivers can pay fines on the spot

Malaga city council is investing 443,000 euros on the tablets and smartphones, which can also read vehicle registration plates and show whether drivers are insured and their ITV vehicle inspection test is valid

Francisco Jiménez.


Friday, 19 August 2022, 13:01


The Local Police force in Malaga city has begun to introduce a scheme under which traffic fines can be processed instantly and the offender can pay without even getting out of the vehicle.

The scheme has just begun but within a few weeks all officers on patrol will carry an electronic tablet or smartphone which can not only issue the fine and send off the details but also take payment on the spot. By law, drivers obtain a 50% discount if they pay their fine within 20 days and do not appeal against it.

The devices can also read vehicle registration plates to see in real time whether a car is insured and has an ITV vehicle inspection test, take photos to support the fine and check to see whether a person has been reported missing or is the subject of an arrest warrant.

The equipment can also save the GPS coordinates at the time of capturing an image, consult databases of vehicles and drivers, and will be able to tell whether the driver has a valid licence. They can also collate information and compare times, so officers can tell whether vehicles have parked in a specific place for longer than permitted.

Save time on tasks

These electronic devices will also speed up time-consuming tasks which officers have to carry out. For example, the connection to databases will show whether the terrace of a restaurant or bar is bigger than its authorised size, check whether a dog’s DNA has been registered with the authorities so action can be taken against owners who abandon or mistreat them or fail to clean up after them, and digitally complete the daily report that every officer has to fill in at the end of their shift.

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