Some of the birds were injured and mutilated Sur

Police in Malaga break up a cockfighting ring and rescue injured birds

The group was discovered thanks to the neighbourhood policing plan in La Corta which has also recently uncovered a marijuana 'factory'

Álvaro Frías / JUAN CANO


Wednesday, 23 February 2022, 12:19


Officers from the Local Police force in Malaga have rescued 13 cockerels which had been used for fighting in La Corta area of the city, some of which had suffered injuries and mutilations. The police also removed 23 hens, four chicks and the structure of a ring in which the cock fights allegedly took place. The birds were being guarded by a Malinois sheep dog which had no microchip or vaccinations. The officers identified its owner and are taking action against him for contravening animal welfare regulations.

This intervention was part of a neighbourhood policing plan called the Plan de Presencia en Barriadas which aims to increase the police presence in different districts of the city and keep a close eye on what goes on. It is thanks to this that a number of cockfighting and dog fighting groups have been broken up, and officers also discovered a marijuana 'factory' recently, after they were on patrol and spotted numerous plant pots discarded beside a large pile of soil on a piece of waste ground. When they looked at the house next door they noticed that two air conditioning compressors were on, and when they went to take a closer look they found there was a strong smell of marijuana.

When the officers knocked at the door it was opened by a man and a woman, who admitted that they were growing the plants. They were arrested, and 87 plants were removed, together with 15 lights which had been illegally connected to the electricity supply.

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