Police searched the apartment because they didn't believe he had escaped. / sur

Watch as police find wanted man hiding in the base of a bed during a property search

The suspect's mother told the officers he had escaped through a window, but as the Malaga apartment was on the fourth floor they didn’t believe her


When the police officers entered the apartment in the Carretera de Cadiz, in Malaga city, the mother of the man they were looking for told them her son wasn’t at home. She said he had escaped through a window. In fact, he was hiding in the base of a bed, where the police eventually found and arrested him.

The incident took place on Thursday 21 April. The plain clothes police officers were trying to locate a 32-year-old man, who has Spanish nationality and is wanted for several offences, and they asked for a patrol car to stay in the area in case the suspect tried to flee if they found him.

About 6.30pm, they spotted him in a public square, with his partner and their son. The officers began to approach, but the man then noticed the patrol car and ran away, with the police giving chase. They identified themselves as police officers and ordered him to stop, but he ignored them.

The man went into an apartment, and slammed the door shut just as the officers arrived behind him. His partner then arrived at the apartment, and she allowed the officers to enter.

They were met by the man’s mother, a 57-year-old Moroccan woman, who told them he had gone, having escaped through a window. However, as the apartment was on the fourth floor, the police were sceptical about that, and began to search the property. They had to use extreme caution while doing so, because they didn’t know if the suspect was armed and might attack.

Finally, they found him hiding in the base of a bed, and arrested him. Among other things, he is wanted for failing to comply with a court sentence, assault, and robbery with the use of force.